Motvind Norge reports the management and owners of the Storheia and Roan wind power plants in Fosen

Motvind Norge cannot accept the ongoing human rights violation at Fosen and is therefore reporting the actors involved to Økokrim.

Committed members of Motvind Norge closed both entrances to the Roan wind power plant for nine days in protest against the ongoing human rights violation. Photo: Motvind Norge

Motvind Norge stopped the illegal operation of the Roan wind power plant at Fosen for nine days in solidarity with the Sami reindeer herding from June 26 to July 4. The legal action ended with the participants being expelled by the police appointed to ensure that laws and decisions were complied with.

The roles are turned upside down and show that something is fundamentally wrong with Norway’s rule of law. For that reason, Motvind Norge is forced to report the management and owners of the wind power plants Roan and Storheia on Fosen.

This means, among other things, that mayors in a number of municipalities in former Sør-Trøndelag, Statkraft, Stadtwerke München, TrønderEnergi, and two foreign investor companies have been reported to Økokrim. The report is rooted in several criminal matters related to the Energy Act, the Criminal Code, and the Planning and Building Act (PBL) violations.

The chairman of Motvind Norge, John Fiskvik (right), submitted the report to the police on 5 July.
Photo: Motvind Norge

The reported offenses are:

  • Illegal operation and production of power from the Roan wind power plant and Storheia wind power plant
  • Illegal use of real estate because the expropriation permit has been revoked
  • Invalid implementation of the facilities according to Plan and Buildings Act (PBL)due to invalid planning decisions and defective applications for property changes
  • In connection with the preparation of the reports, it has been revealed that the ownership structure in publicly owned companies is also complex and can largely be hidden from the public. It is difficult to understand the need for a complex ownership structure.

Motvind Norge is very disappointed that the police protect illegal activities rather than those who have the law on their side. Motvind Norge’s action at Fosen is not civil disobedience it’s an attempt to stop illegal activities through legal means. Through their intervention, the police contribute to the continuation of illegal activity and human rights violations.

As long as the offenses at Fosen are allowed to continue, they represent a weakening of everyone’s rights. If the judgment from Norway’s Supreme Court does not have any consequences, we fear that the consequences will rather affect the rule of law. The Fosen case fully shows that Motvind Norge’s work to safeguard nature, quality of life, and our rights are more important than ever.

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