Threatened Nordic Nature

Once upon a time, the seven blues were a picture of infinity.
Bjørnson wrote the poem “I wonder what I get to see, behind the white mountains“.

Now we know Destruction, and contempt for nature, our basis of life. Nature is threatened!

Industrial facilities with wind turbines of over 200 meters are as far away from a windmill as you can get, and the roads that blast through the wilderness to get the wind turbines up are as far away from a park as you can get.

Thanks to NNPC who has this important category in the competition.

Kai Jensen, 2. Place NNPC Threatened Nordic Nature

It is sad to experience that outside the largest cities, more and more people are afraid that it is the Governments’s “Green Climate Policy” and not Climate Change, which will be the greatest tragedy for our living environment and nature.

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