Culture against wind power


We are seeing with increasing concern that wind power players are destroying nature, iconic landscapes, and historic sites in this country. Much of our natural and cultural heritage has already been lost, and many places are in danger:

The coast and highlands of Finnmark that John Savio has shown us and Mari Boine and Nils-Aslak Valkeapää / Áillohaš have yoiked, the surroundings of the sacred mountain Rásttigáisa and sacred places that Synnøve Persen brings up, the moors in Vesterålen that Regine Normann told about, the legendary Helgeland coast, Vesterfjellan, Jillen njaarke, where Elsa Laula Renberg fought, the coast of Namdal, the Fairytale Country, which Olav Duun described in his books, the old Fosen coastal landscape, and Frøya’s stone age settlements, western Norway’s landscape as brush captured by Ørnulf Opdahl and Lars Hertervig, the landscapes of Jæren as portrayed by Kitty Kielland and Arne Garborg, the forest fins magical world at Finnskogen, which Tore Hansen has given pictures to and Åsta Holth worded. The old mountains on the horizon are not the same to see anymore.

We see destroyed nature and habitats, pollution and noise, bird deaths, loss of insects, and endangered plant and animal species, we see that the basis for hunting and gathering, reindeer husbandry, and outdoor life is being destroyed. This happens without the authorities presenting evidence that the damage provides environmental benefits. When this is called the “green shift”, it is a deception. There is no mercy in the destruction.

We never get nature back, and nature is part of us. We have loved to show our natural landscapes, “minute by minute”, nature that people from all over the world come to experience in all seasons. We have grown out of our landscapes, and we have lived with and by, not against nature. Lately, a popular uprising against the wind industry is happening. More and more people are awakening to fight for nature, habitats, and democracy.

We see with great concern that the Norwegian press does not take their responsibility to inform the public seriously. We are deeply concerned about the decisions made by our elected representatives:

  • On 19 June, the Storting asked the government to stop all projects that have been granted a permit on incorrect or defective grounds, regardless of the stage in the construction process. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has reported that they have not found any errors in their case processing. The Storting has accepted this.
  • On December 1, 2020, a majority of the Parlament gave their go-ahead for further development.
  • The Minister of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and several political parties have announced that they will now facilitate further development of wind power, on land and along the coast.

Wind power is unstable, inefficient, and very expensive as a technology, and the plants do great damage to nature, society, and the environment.

We who support this appeal represent different fields within culture and art. We urge all political parties to take the damage the wind power industry does to nature, society, and the environment very seriously. Nature does not need us, but we need nature. Stop the wind power developments!

Supported by

Ada Einmo Jürgensen – choreographer and director
Agnar Kalseth – architect
Aksel Tjora – professor
Amalia Marie Fonfara – visual artist and shamanic practitioner
Amund Gravdal – painter
Ánde Somby – Dr. Jur. and artist
Anders Nordhammer – drama teacher
Andreas Heuch – visual artist
Anette Ostrø – film director
Angelina Stojčevska – director, photographer, and screenwriter
Anita Hillestad – visual activist and visual artist
Anita Irene Wollamo – visual artist
Anitta Katriina Suikkari – actress
Ann Cathrin Hertling – artist
Ann Jorid Henriksen – artist
Annabelle Despard – author
Anne B. Ragde – author
Anne Brit Kjelsrud – dance artist
Anne Fossen – musician, festival owner, and cultural worker
Anne Grete Honerød – director, Barony of Rosendal
Anne Grethe Øygarden – artist
Anne Gullbjørg Digranes – filmmaker
Anne Helen Robberstad – visual artist
Anne Helene Søyseth – playwright and director
Anne Helga Henning – visual artist and university lecturer
Anne Kari Amstein – textile artist
Anne Karin Jortveit – visual artist
Anne Krigsvoll – actress
Anne Magnussen – film producer and film director
Anne Margrethe Vikeså – musician
Anne Meek – PhD / lecturer in theater
Anne Osvaldsdatter Bjørkli – author
Anne-Gro Erikstad – curator
Anne-Kjersti Hermanrud – visual artist
Anne-Tove Huse – visual artist
Annemor Sundbø – textile artist and author
Annouso and Bjørn Røe – author and architect
Are Eide – tattoo artist
Arne Torget – poet
Arnold Matre – CEO, Bjørn West Museum
Arve Tellefsen – musician
Arvid Martinsen – musician
Arvid Sveen – graphic artist and author
Aslaug Juliussen – textile artist
Astri Tonoian – sculptor
Axel Rios – visual artist
Barbro Raen Thomassen – visual artist
Beret Aksnes – visual artist
Bergsveinn Birgisson – author
Berit Rusten – stage artist, Panther Tanter, and non-fiction author
Bertrand Besigye – author
Birger Amundsen – journalist and author
Birger Mistereggen – musician and educator
Bjørn Alterhaug – jazz musician and professor
Bjørn Joachimsen – nature photographer and journalist
Bjørn Krogstad – painter
Björn Lindow – artist and illustrator
Bjørn Sundqvist – actor
Bjørn-Erik Hanssen – author and playwright
Børge Rømma – country artist
Camilla Bøksle – author
Camilla Fagerli – artist and curator
Camilla Wærenskjold – visual artist
Carina Hedén – visual artist
Christer Karlstad – visual artist
Christian Tony Norum – artist
Christine Ethel Browne – artisan, graphic artist
Christopher Robin Raadlund – visual artist
Dagfinn Koch – composer
Dag Kajander – musician
Dordi Strøm – set designer and author
Eeva-Kristiina Harlin – doctoral student, Sami culture, University of Oulu
Ebba Lovise Joks – cultural school principal
Edith Lundebrekke – artisan
Edvard Normann Rønning – playwright
Einar Økland – author
Eirik Grønner – music producer, lyricist, composer
Eivor Magnusdatter Bergum – author and literary critic
Eleanor M. Torsen – visual artist
Elfi Sverdrup – singer and jewelry artist
Eli H. Eines – visual artist and art communicator, National Museum
Elin Hassel Iversen – stage director
Elin Kåven, Sami music artist
Elin Már Øyen Vister – visual artist and composer
Elina Waage Mikalsen – artist
Elisa Helland Hansen – artisan
Elisabeth Erke – museum director
Elisabeth Haarr – textile artist
Elisabeth Medbøe – visual artist
Elisabeth Aasen – historian and author
Elisabet Alsos Strand – visual artist
Elise Embla Scheele – artist, author, and freelancer
Ellen Lenvik – visual artist
Elling Reitan, painter
Emily Skahjem Elmenhorst – applied artist and designer
Erik Wester – industrial designer
Erlend Høyersten – director, Aros Aarhus Art Museum
Erlend Leirdal – visual artist
Erling Flem – cultural heritage conservationist
Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk – Ass. Prof., NTNU, leader, Trondheim Jazz Festival
Eva Bragstad – writer, actress, art and culture worker
Eva Holm Fosnes – composer
Eva Maria Aagaard – narrator
Eva von Hanno – actress
Evy Anne Brotnow – visual artist
Frank Bertheussen – artisan
Frode Alnæs – musician
Frode Fjellheim – musician and composer
Gabriëla Lukassen – composer, educator, conductor, fraternization artist
Geir Yttervik – visual artist
Gerd Eva Rønning – “potato” artist in nature and life
Gerd Lorås – visual artist
Gert Nygårdshaug – author
Grethe Unstad – visual artist
Gry Sveen – visual artist and lyricist
Gunhild Westhagen Magnor – director, photographer, and screenwriter
Gunnar Danbolt – professor of art history
Gunnar Foss – Professor Emeritus
Guren Hagen – musician and composer
Guri Guri Henriksen – curator dissemination, National Museum visual artist
Guri Sørumgård Botheim – author
Gøran Fristorp – musician and composer
Hanne Borchgrevink – visual artist
Hanne Krogh – artist
Hanne Synnøve Nilsen – visual artist
Hanne Øverland – chairman of the board, Norwegian artisans
Hans Anton Grønskag – activist and author
Hans Erik Sande – author
Hans Hamid Rasmussen – visual artist
Hans Kolstad – natural philosopher and government fellow
Hans Petter Laberg – librarian and author
Hans Rotmo – musician, songwriter, and author
Hans-Georg Kohler – visual artist
Harald Kolderup – visual artist
Harald Lyche – visual artist
Harald Wårvik – visual artist
Harry Johansen – film producer
Hege Fernanda Stokstad – singer and singing teacher
Helge Jordal – actor
Helge Nyheim – musician
Helge Stangnes – poet
Helge Torvund – author and psychologist
Herborg Kråkevik – artist and editor
Hilde Skancke Pedersen – visual artist, playwright, and set designer
Hjørdis Danbolt – artisan
Hogne Hongset – author
Holger Koefoed – art historian
Håkon Bleken – painter
Håvard Gimse – pianist
Håvard Hommeland – rocker and musician
Iacob Sømme – traditional craftsman
Ida Marie Simers – visual artist
Ina Eriksen – artist
Inga E. Næss – author
Ingar Hunskaar – sound engineer
Ingeborg Eliassen – playwright and author
Inger Helene Brattvoll – visual artist
Inger Johanne Rasmussen – textile artist
Inger Lise Hansen – visual artist, film / video
Ingrid Book – visual artist
Ingrid Juell Moe – textile artist
Ingunn JM Reinsnes – visual artist
Ingunn Utsi – visual arts
Ivar Enoksen – journalist and author
Ivar Rudi – graphic designer
Jan Erik Vold – poet
Jan Høvo – gardener, Bygdøy Kongsgård
Jan R. Olsen – nature photographer and author
Jan Rabben – nature photographer
Jo Stenersen – nature photographer
Jo van der Eynden – author
Jovan Pavlovic – musician, festival owner, and cultural worker
Joar Nango – artist and architect
Johan Anton Sandnes – visual artist and cartoonist
Johan Sara jr. – musician and composer
Johannes Joner – actor
John Gustavsen – author and writer
Jon Lauvland – musician
Jone Skjensvold – visual artist
Jorunn Hodne – artist
Judyta Julia Bialkowska – visual artist
June Sommer Strask – author
Karen Anne Buljo – author
Kari Bentzen – retired graphic designer
Kari Bremnes – composer, lyricist, and artist
Kari Hustad – theater worker, narrator, and educator
Kari Stai – author and illustrator
Kari Steihaug – visual artist
Karin Augusta Nogva – visual artist
Karin Flatøy Svarstad – textile artist
Karin Hodne – singer and actress
Karl Erik Harr – visual artist
Karl Hoff – playwright
Karl Johan Gundersen – musician, singer, and leader, Karmøy Kulturhus
Karl Seglem – musician, composer, and poet
Karoline Hjort – artist
Kathrine Nedrejord – author
Ketil Bjørnstad – author, composer, and musician
Kim Småge – author
Kine Hellebust – shooter, author, and cultural communicator
Kirsti Grotmol – visual artist, associate professor, filmmaker, and writer
Kjersti G. Andvig – visual artist
Kjetil Bjerkestrand – composer and musician
Kjetil Sæterdal – architect
Kristian Bringedal – retired cultural director
Kristin Ribe – author
Kristin Aarnes – visual artist
Laila Stien – author
Lars Andreas Dybvik – nature photographer
Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen – filmmaker and film consultant
Lars Ove Seljestad – author
Lars Westvig – photographer
Leif Ove Andsnes – pianist
Leiken Vik – visual artist
Leonard Rickhard – visual artist
Linda Rekkavik Lind – artisan
Linda Øen – director, Sunnhordland museum
Linde Hagerup – author
Line Dybedal – artist
Linn Lervik – visual artist
Lise Hovik – professor and artistic director, Teater Fot
Lise Skjåk-Bræk – textile artist and designer
Liv Sørvåg – visual artist
Liv Aakvik – actor and author
Lone Klein – actress
Madeleine Park – general manager, Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter
Mads Sjøgård Pettersen – actor
Magdalena Eide Jessen – architect, author, and visual artist
Magnus Holmen – artist
Maia Urstad – sound artist
Malin Kjelsrud – lyricist and librettist
Marcus Paus – composer
Mari Boine – artist
Marianne Gihle – visual arts
Marianne Kjærsund – dance artist
Marion Palmer – author
Marit Anne Hauan – cultural scientist and associate professor, UiT
Marit Sandvik – musician
Marit Skog – artist
Marit Synnøve Vea – leader, Avaldsnes project
Marita Isobel Solberg – artist
Marius Leknes Snekkevåg – playwright and actor
Marja Lisa Thomasson – artist
Marja Mortensson – artist and boat soesemie (reindeer owner)
Marte Magnusdotter Solem – actress
Martine Linge – visual artist
Mary Sarre – actress
Maya Mi Samuelsen – dance artist: choreographer and performer
May Bente Aronsen – textile artist
May Lise Hoel – visual artist
Mette Lorentzen – visual artist
Mette Newth – author
Mildrid Helene Pettersen – visual artist
Mona Bentzen – artist
Morten Diesel Dahl – musician and music communicator
Morten Thoresen – painter, graphic artist, and sculptor
Narve Hovdenakk – visual artist
Nils Eger – visual artist
Nils Faarlund – Brattland artist and practicing eco-philosopher
Nils Magne Knutsen – professor emeritus, UiT, author, and publisher
Nina Bang – visual artist
Nina Ossavy – performing artist
Njål Ølnes – musician, teacher, and researcher
Oddvar I.N. Daren – artist
Oddvar Løkse – visual artist
Odin Øistad – visual artist
Olava Bitnes – author
Ole Amund Gjersvik – musician and composer
Ole Paus – artist
Ole Romsdal – juggler, actor, and environmental therapist
Olga Papalexiou – performing artist
Paul Leer-Salvesen – author
Pekka Sammallahti – professor emeritus of Sami
Per Erling Pedersen – pensioner and visual artist
Per Hess – visual artist and curator
Per Oskar Kjølaas – retired bishop
Per-Olav Bråten – visual artist
Per Posti – art historian
Piera Jovnna Somby – musician and vocalist
Pål Sandø – freelance culture and pensioner
Ragnar Olsen – singer, playwright, and translator
Ragnar Sandbæk – retired fishing bureaucrat, author, writer, and musician
Randi Elmenhorst – product designer
Randi Martine Brockmann – CEO, Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art
Ranja Bojer – author and DJ
Ranja Elvestrand – sound choreographer and poet
Rasmus Rohde – musician
Rawdna Carita Eira – author
Reidar Nedrebø – Head of Economics and Development, Barony of Rosendal
Roar Børø – musician
Roar Øhlander – photographer
Roar Øien – musician, composer, lyricist, and producer
Roger Brendhagen – nature photographer
Rolf Wallin – composer
Ruth Elisiv Ekeland – visual artist
Sara Margrethe Oskal – filmmaker and actress
Sigbjørn Skåden – author
Sigmund Da Silva Lien – artist
Sigmund Hågvar – professor emeritus, nature management
Sigrid Bonde Tusvik – comedian
Sigrid Øyrehagen – visual artist
Sigurd Nikolai Winge – composer and Alexander technique teacher
Simen Engen Larsen – artist
Simon Malkenes – author
Siri Broch Johansen – singer, playwright, author, and communicator
Siri Gjære – musician
Siri Harr Steinvik – visual artist
Siri Kvitvik – visual artist
Sissel M Bergh – visual artist
Siv E. Øvsthus – senior hospital clown, coach, and educator
Sonja Bunes – visual artist
Stein Magnus Opedal – visual artist
Stella East – artist
Stina Ravdna Lorås – performing artist
Susanne Hætta – author and artist
Svein F Hestvaag – author and songwriter
Svein Gjelten Bakken – cultural school principal
Svein Harald Holmen – fisher
Svein Inge Olsen – writer and leader, Protest Festival
Svein Opdal – knife maker
Sverre Nordmo – cultural guide
Synnøve Persen – artist
Terese Longva – artist
Terje Tørrisplass – poet
Tetje Munthe – visual artist
Therese Ulvan – musician
Thomas Johnsen – Rector
Tirill Mohn – songwriter and language teacher
Tomas Colbengtson – visual artist
Tommy Sørbø – art historian and author
Tone Gellein – artist and consultant, Søndre Land municipality
Tone Hansen – director, Henie Onstad Art Center
Tone Hellerud – visual artist and pensioner
Tone Myskja – visual artist
Tor Singsaas – Bishop Emeritus
Tore Hansen – visual artist
Torhild Aukan – visual artist
Toril Gjermundsdatter Wik – visual artist
Torill Aasegg – freelance musician and tradition bearer
Torine Helland – visual artist
Tormod Steen – cultural consultant
Torodd Wigum – conductor
Torstein Andersen – actor
Torstein Finnbakk – writer
Torun Lian – writer, playwright, director
Torunn Herje – retired director, Trøndelag Folk Museum
Torvald Sund – author
Tove Elise Ihler – lawyer
Tove Karoliussen – performing artist in and with nature
Trine Lindheim – visual artist
Una Line Ree Hunderi – visual artist
Vemund Thoe – visual artist
Vetle Lid Larsen – author
Vibeke Brøgger-Klausen – visual artist and associate professor of art
Vibeke Emilie Steinsholm – visual artist and educator
Vibeke Lunel – visual artist and museologist
Vigdis Haugtrø – visual artist
Vigdis Lian – freelance film consultant
William Nygaard – former publishing manager
Ørnulf Opdahl – painter and graphic artist
Øystein Dolmen – musician, author, and illustrator
Øyvind Staveland – composer and musician
Aage Langhelle – visual artist
Aaslaug Vaa – agronomist and film director
Ågot Gammersvik – retired museum director, Maihaugen
Åsmund Seip – poet

Do you want to join?

If you are an artist or cultural worker and want to participate, send an e-mail to with your name and profession and mark with KULTUROPPROPET


Political parties on wind power
Contact political parties and politicians! Tell them what you think. The view of nature and wind power and a possible turnaround operation is a topic in the parties’ national meetings throughout the spring.
Overview of political parties and attitudes to wind power (2020)

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