Tysvær – first stop, Last Chance Tour

Did you think wind power is green energy? Not in the pristine Norwegian wilderness, it isn’t. Learn more about how wind turbines are tearing apart Norway, its nature, and its culture, and not saving the climate.

By Laura Saetveit Miles
Photo Motvind: Helga Sund, Kathrine Bakkevig, Reidar Nordmark

This video series aims to bring Norway’s wind power controversy to an international audience. Next stops coming soon: Haramsøya and Bremanger. See below for how to help, photo credits, sources, etc. SUPPORT the national Norwegian anti-wind power association by becoming a member or giving a gift: EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT WIND POWER IN NORWAY: Motvind’s webpages contain important information about wind power projects in Norway. See the one on Tysvær especially: Use google translate or your browser’s webpage translation feature. See also the helpful webpage from Bergen og Hordaland Turlag (hiking association): https://www.bergenoghordalandturlag.n… and the many source links below regarding the science behind wind power, nature, and the climate. Facebook groups to join: NEI TIL VINDKRAFT I TYSVÆR Motvind Norge Vindkraft: Nei til vindindustri i norsk natur and many more…. TIL DE SOM BOR I NORGE: Se på denne siden med noen tips til askjoner:… PHOTO AND VIDEO CREDITS when not my own Gudmund Sundlisæter Arild Vargervik Andreas Lund Sigrid Lomeland Kathrine Bakkevig Kamilla Bakkevig Vidar Hölm Eivind Salen Sveinulg Vågene Marc Duchamp, Save the Eagles International (*apologies to anyone not credited, please comment below to be added to this list*) About painter Lars Hertervig:… SPECIAL THANKS to Sigrid Lomeland for helping coordinate our visit and to Nils Økland for the hardanger fiddle music: https://www.nilsokland.no… THANKS to Loren Ludwig for Adobe Premiere tips. MY OPINION ARTICLE IN BERGENS TIDENDE: 14 May 2020 Norwegian original:… My translation:… SOURCES *Norwegian Water and Energy Directorate information on Tysvær Vindpark*… *On wind power, nature and climate*…………… *On upgrading hydroelectric power plants*………… Obviously many of these are in Norwegian – if you have reliable English sources, put them in the comments below! And the GREEN INVESTMENT GROUP, the Australian investors behind the destruction of Tysvær’s carbon-storing natural and cultural landscape:… Maybe they hear from you about the rising international support for saving Tysvær from development…

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