Norwegian export cables have caused price contagion from the continent, eliminating the Nation’s foremost Competitive Advantage

Oil and Energy Minister Terje Aasland doubts the cables would have been built if the Storting had known the consequence. Nettavisen Podcast NESS.

The graph above charts the difference between electricity prices in Oslo and Stockholm in this century.
Not difficult to see when the latest export cables to Germany and UK were connected. It has been more difficult to get the authorities to admit what happened.

Statnett believes we must build enormously with energy production in the coming years. The increase in production appears to be towards a predominantly new industry. Direct or indirect subsidy of new industry is a socioeconomic loss. A socio-economic analysis is absent in the report.

Fjellbygda Røldal og det grøne skifte from Øystein Rabbe on Vimeo.

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