What is NORWEAs message with this 80-year-old newspaper in this interview?

Andreas Thon Aasheim, special-advisor in NORWEA proudly presents NORWEAs wind projects with a poorly hidden reference to the Nazi’s entry in Norway 1940.
In NORWEAs office at Wergelandsveien 23B in Oslo, CEO Rittmeister Øyvind Isachsen has a large laminated map of Norway. The map shows the wind turbines in operation, under construction and wind turbines that are planned. Many of these wind turbines are financed and made possible by German investors.

German capital is heavily involved in the construction of wind turbines in Norway. This has been clearly expressed by German Ambassador Alfred Grannas in his email to Secretary of State Tiller in Oil and Energy Departement, where he with a particularly poorly concealed diplomatic language threatens Norway with a long-standing lawsuit for the decision not to allow postponed construction of wind turbines on Andøya.

Facsimile of email from German Ambassador Alfred Grannas to Secretary of State Tiller in Oil and Energy Departement.

Stadtwerke Munich’s 70% investment in TrønderEnergy’s wind energy initiative is strongly confirmed when Christian Vogt, Stadtwerke Munich’s representative in Trondheim, says that they will build wind turbines at Frøya – no matter what the ministry concludes. Vogt made this statement before Minister Meland came to her conclusion on 6.6.2019.

Steven Crozier, a local doctor at Frøya has delivered a police report, because he “experience the feature in the documentary: Norvège – le vent de la discorde = the wind of disagreement (9: 20-11: 20) where the newspaper front is prominently placed, as a hateful statement against the wind power resistance in Norway.”

The French documentary is with English subtitles. Towards the end, our new Minister of Energy, Tina Bru argues that the wind turbines are part of Norway’s climate effort, shortly after the documentary shows Norway’s dependency on fossil fuel exports and how we are the largest polluter in Europe if this is taken into account (!)

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