Advertorials – let’s your car make you money when you don’t use it is a web-based sharing service for hire and rental of private cars.

As our private cars are parked 95 % of the time, the service connects car owners with people who want to rent a car, allowing you to monetize your car when you do not use it yourself. The parties meet for delivery after verifies that the tenant has a valid driver’s license and meets the other requirements made to the users. A new feature makes it even possible to lock and unlock the car via an app without having to meet.

As of today, has 160,000 registered users and almost 6,000 cars for rent throughout Norway. The electric vehicle concentration on the platform is 20% against 5% in the rest of the population (!)

Oslo is the world’s leading in terms of shared cars per capita. This is probably due to the fact that we are far advanced in technology use, we have high confidence in each other and it is expensive to own a car The goal is to be as easy to hire a car as to own a car. Just cheaper.
General Manager Even Heggernes keep a close dialogue with the most active users of the platform, so close that they in March 2018 gave them the opportunity to invest in the company through a crowdfunding. The company ended up raising NOK 4 million from 100 of the most loyal users.

Marianne and Sanjin have been renting out their car through for over two years now and chose to invest in the platform when the opportunity came along:

We primarily chose to invest in because we strongly believe in the concept itself. The service covers a need that was not covered before. A need that is getting bigger, especially in big cities like Oslo.

Dani, another active car owner, and investor says:

I think it’s a great thought that we share things that are not used so often. The car is an obvious candidate here. It stands still 90% of the day and it is nice to think that it can be used by others when I do not need it.

On the other side of the platform is a big crowd of people that either doesn’t own a car or for other reasons are in need of a different car than the one they own. This group is getting close to 100 000 bookings and have driven 35 million kilometers in shared cars!

Vanja has chosen to live without a car and states that family life in Oslo not necessarily requires a car:

Living in Oslo we do not have the need for a car in everyday life. A car is also a large cost I cannot defend today. The few times we need a car it is just as easy to rent. It’s probably a part of the future to share instead of everyone sitting on each and everything – we cannot really defend the way the world looks today. By using you may embellish your conscience as well.

Karianne, on the other hand, eventually decided to sell her car for environmental reasons :

We live so close to bus, tram, and lane that it is possible to make an environmental choice like this. There is a lot of money to save on it too. When the economic benefits of sharing a car are evident, and with people becoming more environmentally aware, even more, people will choose car sharing!

Carsharing influence on environmental and climate issues

According to TØI (Transportøkonomisk Institutt), one shared car can replace 5-15 private cars. It is also proven that car-sharers use the car about 1/3 less than people that own their own car.

The research results make strikingly clear that car sharing offers a noteworthy contribution to the reduction of the burden on transport and the environment.

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