Madrid: Solar Power Company Otovo under the Mediterranean Sun

Brasil Next: Solar Power Company Otovo is expanding fast in Europe it now has business in Norway, Sweden, France, and Spain. Bergensia got a quick talk with the company’s Founder and CEO in between his speech at Pareto’s Energy & Renewables Conference and the opening of the office in Madrid. Andreas Thorsheim CEO Otovo and Inigo Amoribieta General Manager Otovo Spain.
Foto: HK Madrid / Otovo

The Founder of Otovo had high ambitions already from start in 2016 when he launched Otovo leaving a successful career in media. Within less than two years more than 100 000 homes had explored their potential for a solar-powered home online using Otovo’s algorithm.

Otovo’s algorithm combines building and meteorological data on sun coverage with the company’s experience from solar projects.

We try to help people make the decision to start making their own power. When you enter the address on you get a description of which project is the best at that address, how much money you can save and how your solar panels will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Now even elegant sun tiles.

In Denmark, 100,000 households have power from solar cells, in Sweden, the number is 10,000 and rising sharply, while in Norway there are still only 3,000 homes that generate their own solar energy. We believe it is exploding now, and that the 100,000 roofs we have checked may be covered with solar cells within a decade. At a time when the electricity price is rising, the payback time is less than 10 years this means according to Thorsheim that the marked will double. And the solar panels are more and more efficient.

If OTOVO can make it within the Solar Power Business in Norway with its cheap prices on already renewable electricity, it’s high labor cost and its often not so sunny climate, then we can make it anywhere.
Andreas Thorsheim, OTOVO

Otovo’s aim is to build a leading distributed energy company providing Europeans with clean, abundant and inexpensive energy made nearby. Otovo makes solar power easy for households. We have a proprietary technology to algorithmically plan and price solar projects and an online sales platform to show customers the results. With solar loans, we remove the financial barriers to going solar in Europe.

Join the solar cell revolution now!

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