Who exactly does the Metropolitan Police work for ma’am? Our citizens, or Boris Johnson?


Led By Donkeys is a British anti-Brexit political campaign group that uses satire targeted at pro-Brexit politicians. Since the group’s creation in December 2018, its four founders have been calling out what they call “thermonuclear hypocrisy”. Led By Donkeys’ main campaign consists of billboards containing past tweets by pro-Brexit politicians, or quotes presented as tweets. These tweets state the politicians’ previous political positions, which according to the group have not stood the test of time.

The campaign was initially run as a guerilla operation, in which Led By Donkeys posters was plastered over existing adverts. It was then expanded into a crowdfunded campaign that legitimately purchased advertising space on hundreds of billboards across the UK. Later the group staged real-life stunts, including projecting messages on iconic places such as the Houses of Parliament and the White Cliffs of Dover, carving giant messages on beaches and fields, and directing crowds to unfurl huge flags at pro-European Union marches. Videos of these messages were subsequently viewed millions of times on social media. The campaign group won industry awards in 2019 and 2020.

The name Led By Donkeys comes from the phrase “Lions led by donkeys“, referring to the belief that British soldiers in the First World War were led to their deaths by incompetent and indifferent leaders.

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