Trump Infected America

Right now Fox News is explaining to its viewers what coronavirus is.
Brazil, UK & US leaders all got Coronavirus and were all virus deniers.
In the USA more than 209 000 people are dead from the CORONA virus which Trump compared to the flue, now that he has got it he calls it the PLAGUE!
VOTE as if your life depends upon it because it does!
In 30 days the election is over; you will have to live with it whether you choose
Trump or America.
Will the Twitter President’s Admin. take the virus seriously now that IMPOTUS has got it?

Thursday, October 1, 2020
Dear President Trump,
Make some videos now that your ministers of propaganda can play later if you get real sick.
Much love, Kim Jong Un

What’s more on-brand than team Trump releasing pictures to show he’s working at Walter Reed and it’s just him signing his name with a sharpie in the middle of a blank paper. To help Donald Trump get the full COVID-19 experience, let’s make sure he loses his job and is evicted from his home next month.

Nothing suspicious here, nope. All that money for the hairdresser seems waisted though.
And of course, the fact that metadata shows the photos in different rooms with Individual 1 dressed differently are taken 10 minutes apart and those cabinets and distinct silver knobs are in offices in the west wing and there’s nothing like it in the presidential suite at the Walter Reed, nothing else. And then of course American history with sick presidents and deception.
 Trump “working” making his signature with a sharpie in the middle of a blanc paper (!)
Photo: JOYCE N. BOGHOSIAN / The White House

At the best of times, Trumpworld operates with all the strategic direction of a chicken with its head cut off,” a senior Republican official told me. “Right now, they’re operating like a chicken with its head cut off, lit on fire, and thrown off a cliff.”Olivia Nuzzi

I don’t want to overstate this, but he is assassinating the presidency.

Bob Woodward on President Trump

Do you remember Monday morning?
Anyone but Fox viewing Republicans discussed Trump taxes, and what $750 in taxes could and could not finance, and how the US would look if all Americans should dodge taxes like IMPOTUS.

What kind of society have the US become where a broken, corrupt, and unequal system that’s built for people like him to do what he did exists?

Who made Donald Trump comfortable enough to personally guarantee $421 million in loans? And who made Deutsche Bank comfortable with the arrangement?

Am I the only one feeling I have become several years older since Monday?

Over the course of three years, the number of Americans who say that they feel justified in using violence to achieve their political goals has gone up from 8 percent to over 33 percent.

Facsimile from Washington Post:
As QAnon grew, Facebook and Twitter missed years of warning signs about the conspiracy theory’s violent nature. Fears of clamping down on authentic speech created a ‘Frankenstein’

That makes me smart.

Donald Trump’s comment when Hillary states that he does not pay any income tax

The Tuesday Debate

The entire Trump entourage came in with masks, took them off as soon as they sat down, refused to put them on when asked by Cleveland Clinic personnel. Floating defiantly the law & rules. And Trump shouting only 8-10 feet from Biden for 90 mins. If he knew he had COVID 19 at the time of the debate he should be charged with assault.

During the debate, Trump makes jokes about Biden wearing a mask all the time;

When a former top Pence staffer goes on the record to say that Trump described *his own supporters* as “disgusting people” – it becomes even more credible than it already was that he referred to America’s war dead as “losers” and “suckers”

Experts build coalition group to monitor Facebook Content

Silicon Valley tech slogan is “Move fast and break things”, the problem is it’s the democracies of the world that are on the line here BREXIT and the 2016 US Presidental Election being the foremost examples of elections being interfered and voters manipulated through Facebook with absolutely no consequences for Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook economically or jurisdictional.

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