Not a single Western nation is supporting South Africa’s genocide case against Israel

The flag bearers of “freedom & human rights” are suddenly very silent. Never stop talking about Palestine or Gaza.


“Israel is a genocidal state guilty of non-stop war crimes, whose very actions undermine its security as the whole world is now beginning to believe the Israeli state is not legitimate”

—Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, UN Director


— Tiberius (@ecomarxi) March 10, 2024

Israeli occupation forces were filmed kidnapping a 7-year-old Palestinian child in Qabatiya town, south of Jenin today. — Quds News Network (@QudsNen) March 9, 2024

The world’s largest anti-Zionist American Jewish diaspora clearly states to everyone that they have severed all relations with Israel and that they do not see Israel as a Jewish state.

Torah Jews in America openly declare that they have no connection with Israel and its…

— Torah Judaism (@TorahJudaism) March 10, 2024

We won’t stop speaking out about Gaza’s suffering – there is no climate justice without human rights

Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Future Sweden

Malaysia asks for the abolition of the veto of the 5 permanent UN Security Council members, especially in the case of “situations involving mass atrocity crimes such as genocide”

— Arnaud Bertrand (@RnaudBertrand) March 9, 2024

1947: Jewish refugees arrive in Palestine with a banner proclaiming: “The Germans destroyed our families and homes – don’t you destroy our hopes”..

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