If one man can cause so much evil – imagine how much love we can create together #July22 #Utøya

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«Eit dikt for dei unge» av 🌹


“A poem for the young” by   #July22🌹


Shoot me in my left arm, and I shall call the wound
shoot me in my right arm, and I shall call the scar
shoot me in my jaw, and I shall raise my voice
shoot me in my knee, and I shall get up again
shoot me in my hip, and I shall run faster
shoot me in my chest, and I shall work against all injustices
shoot me in the eye, and I shall see the world clearer
shoot me in the ear, and I shall hear the new voices
shoot me in the heart, and I shall shout: our love

Frode Grytten (translated by Jan Terje Espeland)

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