Greta donates the Norwegian prize money to a lawsuit against Norway

Week 34 of Greta Thunberg’s #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate she receives Fritt Ords Pris 2019 together with Natur Og Ungdom. Greta immediately decides to give her part of the prize money to Greenpeace and Natur og Ungdom’s lawsuit People vs. Arctic Oil to stop the Norwegian Government from drilling oil in the Arctic.

Photo: Greta Thunberg is not letting leaders get away with inaction on the climate crisis. (Christian Charisius / Picture-Alliance / dpa / AP Images)

Unburnable – Listen to the historic court case People vs. Arctic Oil

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The Arctic is Ground Zero for Climate Change. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Greta seems not impressed that an even vote in Norways largest political party finally saves the Lofoten Archipelago home to the famous skrei, a large codfish, with a celebrated fishery season every February.

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