Georgia doesn’t just change the USA, they are changing the world. Thank you Georgians!

Rev. Warnock was Congressman John Lewis’s pastor. Ossoff was Lewis’s intern. And somewhere, somehow both near and far, I have to think that Rep. Lewis is saying, “Well done.”

Democrats flipped both seats in the Senate in Georgia Runoff Election.
In four years with Trump, Republicans now have lost the Congress, the President, and the Senate. #ByeMoscowMitch McConnell as Majority leader. This gives Joe Biden the space for leadership that Obama newer had.

Jon Ossoff now leads David Purdue by 12,806 votes in the Georgia runoff– a margin even greater than Biden’s win over Trump in the November election.

The President Election in November and now this runoff Election in Georgia owns more to one woman than all else; this email correspondence back in January 2011 started the big win:


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