Wind turbines collapse

You can feel the wind change, right?

NORWEA’s Rittmeister leaves his CEO post after 14 years to become sustainability spin doctor in First House. Erna and her Government are feeling it too, you could tell from Tina Bru’s appearance on the news this week where absurdly Unge Høyre debate Høyre on state-owned television. They will try to “turn their coat” as we say in Norwegian, do not let them. They shall own this until the parliamentary election on September 13. 2021.

One of Vestas 230M wind turbines raised in August in the brand new Aldermyrberget wind farm in Sweden collapsed on Saturday night (Nov 21.). The wind turbine was set to start operating in December. Vestas has installed more than 75,000 turbines and it’s “extremely rare” that accidents like this happen, Riis.Photo: SVT / Tommy Forsgren

This is the second wind turbine collapse in Sweden this year.
In May a wind turbine from another producer GE collapsed in Markbygden Piteå which will be Europe’s biggest onshore wind industry area when it is finished in 2021 taking the throne from Fosen Vindpark in Trøndelag.

Norwea’s Rittmeister leaves his post

The highlight of these 14 years in the wind is the introduction of the certificate system and the depreciation rules that led to the Fosen development, which was the start of this new development of site-specific natural resources in Norway. As well as being part of the NORWEA team that has worked to bring about new energy production in a country that you have the impression of an abundance of natural resources, says Øyvind Isachsen himself.

Now that we are “passing” 15 TWh of wind, I can in good conscience leave this to the loyal and hard-working team that I have had the pleasure of working with, concludes Isachsen.

More and more often wind turbines catch fire or collapse from the wind they are supposed to harvest.
Since 2012:


While massive subsidies fuel the wind industry, self-generated myth and polished propaganda just grease the wheels. For wind industry spin-kings, one pesky problem that won’t go away is the routine and catastrophic collapses of these 300-tonne whirling wonders.

We were surprised and alarmed by how quickly the Green movement sold its soul to jump into bed with the wind industry, and floored by how malicious that class of zealots becomes whenever faced with any kind of threat to their beloved wind industry.

We are dismayed to see people being forced from their homes due to incessant, wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound; and horrified as we witnessed those in positions of power not only fail to help those people but turn on these victims of a government-sanctioned, subsidy-soaked industry.

We are angered by the scope of the wind power fraud.

We are appalled by how wind industry supporters dismiss victims, ridicule those who have different opinions, and vilify those who are opposed to industrial wind power generation.

We are appalled by the dishonesty of the wind industry, its supporters, and those who operate within it.

We are disappointed that the many who claim to have been made sick are segregated and dismissed.

STT’s editorial team does not live near wind turbines and their homes are not threatened by wind turbines, so we reject the NIMBY charge often leveled by those who never have to live or work near industrial wind turbines, at the unfortunates who have no choice but to do so.

We aim to act as independent but compassionate observers, who have undertaken our own investigations and report on them. We think the direct and adverse impacts from industrial wind power on wind farm neighbors to be an issue of fairness and human rights.

We don’t think the wind industry collectively is a good corporate citizen. We believe this is an industry fueled by the prospect of massive government mandated and subsidised ‘profits’, hiding behind a veneer of “the common good”.

We believe wind industry proponents are hell-bent on destroying our environment, while cynically claiming to “save” it.

We believe the rampant installation of turbines across this country must be stopped now; and, from the evidence we have gathered since December 2012, we are convinced that industrial wind power does not work on any level: economic; social, or environmental.

In short, we consider that subsidised wind power is the greatest fraud of all time.

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