Why two corrupt state leaders “Peace Plan” is not the deal of a century.

The Nationals Cartoonist Shadi Ghanim’s take on the politics behind Donald Trump’s proposed Middle East peace plan.

Within days after Netanyahu Exploits the Holocaust to Brutalize the Palestinians, the two corrupt state leaders present their long-awaited Jared Kushner crafted so-called “Peace Plan” or “Deal of the Century” to put it in the Apprentice Presidents own language.

This is how security cleared “diplomat son in law” Jared Kushner describes the deal to the Palestinians who have no part in it’s making:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who joined President Donald Trump to announce the plan, said Israel could begin annexation as soon as this week (!)

Excepts for the June 2019 part, the whole so-called Peace Plan has been one-sided. Breaking with the UN and the international community
The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the following move of the US Embassy and later the recognition of Golan Heights

Everything about the plan is farcical.
Its pompous name, the “Deal of the Century”; its unfit 
author, Jared Kushner, a fanatic Zionist supporter of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land; its premise, “when humiliation does not work, more humiliation will”; its bizarre framing as a lovefest between the American and Israeli right; and its absurd substance, which punishes the victims and rewards the aggressors.

Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst.

If carried through the plan will send a strong signal to another autocrat who is eager to annex a part of his nabour country Ukrain, namely Putin, who wants the Crimea Penninsuela to become part of Russian territory.

In December 2019, the International Criminal Court opened an investigation into alleged war crimes committed in the Palestinian Territories.

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