What if 16-year-olds like Greta could vote?

In Norway our Storting could look something like this and Erna Solberg would not be Prime Minister, 130 000 young people would have a democratic saying on the climate crisis in a country where more than 40 000 young in March took to the streets in strike joining Greta Thunberg and her FridaysForFuture movement.

In UK Brexit would have been canceled after the initial referendum, and the world would be spared for Putin’s puppet Individual 1 as President of the USA as Hillary Clinton is way more popular amongst the young.

This Friday, May 24. more than 1,8 million young people in 2350 cities of 125 countries across the world joined in on a Global Strike for the Future.
Now think about the impact if we could mobilize not only schools but all sectors of the economy?

This year in Norway we are celebrating that it has been 100 years since the Storting removed the provision that deprived poor people of voting rights and gave everyone general voting rights.

With a climate crisis depriving young people of a future on a planet that is healthy it is time to lower the voting age and give them their democratic voice.

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