UN Watch Director Ranked in Top 50 Pro-Israel

Apartheid state Israel has many supporters worldwide; UN Watch Director should not be one of them.

How come UN Watch see Palestinian Violations of Child Rights but they do not see apartheid state Israels ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land taking place every day in front of the eyes of the whole world. Bulldozing homes, vineyards, and 200-year-old olive trees, kidnapping and right out killer sniping children on their way to school, setting embargo on vital resources like medicins, water, and energy. Letting settlers occupy Palestinian land and harass the people who used to live there.

Apartheid state Israel uses any means, Iran they attack deep within the nation’s boundaries to cripple Iran’s nuclear program, while Israel got itself nuclear power the undercover way, in Israel and the West bank they use any means to suppress the Palestinian population even straight killings of children by head shoots from snipers. In trying to influence world opinion Israel propaganda marries deep fake and disinformation:

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