This is Trump’s America

Black man with no weapon walks away from Kenosha police and is shot 7 times in the back. White teen with an assault rifle who just shot 3 people and KILLED 2, walks by Kenosha police with his gun & they offer him water and he gets to go home. No greater summary of America exists.

As more Americans have died the past four months — in Donald Trump’s America — than any four-month period in US history. Six of the twelve main speakers at the RNC Convention share the name Trump, but to the Trump’s, Hunter Biden is the one who should be considered for nepotism. Several Republicans, including the vice president, have made the case that the riots and protests and violence happening in Trump’s America wouldn’t be happening in Trump’s America.

According to Karen Attiah at Washington Post:
That 17-year-old shooter and the Kenosha militias are precisely why the @nytimes running that Tom Cotton op-Ed promoting the use of “overwhelming force” to subdue protestors was so dangerous. Most of white journalism twitter was a flutter about the @nytopinion Tom Cotton Op-Ed because they saw it as an embarrassing PR crisis that cost an editor his job. Many Black people saw the piece for what it was: A dangerous incitement to violence against black protestors. Here’s how putting black lives at risk becomes normalized: @nytopinion platforms a politician who called for overwhelming violence against black protestors = “Gotta have both sides!” RNC platforms a couple famous for threatening black protesters with firearms = “Shock value!”

When a 17-year-old crosses state lines to open-carry weapon he was forbidden to own in a state he doesn’t even live in, he’s not defending his home. It’s called hunting.

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