The Terrorist Attack Is NOT Over.

Fascists’ is gonna fascist. Being divided from fascists is good actually.



by Michael Moore Filmmaker. Writer. Citizen. Podcaster.
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Friends —

The terrorist attack is NOT over. Thousands from Wednesday’s terrorist mob assault on the Capitol have not been arrested and have NOT LEFT the DC area. They are planning more attacks. A poster advertising an “ARMED MARCH ON CAPITOL HILL & ALL STATE CAPITOLS” on January 17th is being displayed all over. It has even been circulated among the members of Congress. Some leaders are afraid to say straight up what I’m telling you. They don’t want a panic. They don’t want to help publicize it (understandably). But the public needs to be told — and now. Law enforcement knows that there’s more violence ahead. Trump and his inner circle, his crime family, have called for this uprising and they are pleased with what they’ve seen and they know what’s going on. Unless these white terrorists are arrested NOW — en masse — there will be people killed between now and Inauguration Day. I can’t stress this enough. Way too many police are sympathetic to their white terrorist brethren. They will stand down again and allow the violence to continue. NOTE: This poster circulating on the internet is calling for an ARMED March on January 17th. And they are calling for it to take place not just in DC but in EVERY state Capitol in all 50 states. I keep hoping in the back of my mind this poster isn’t real. But it was sent to me by a Member of Congress. We HAVE to treat it seriously and demand action. The terrorists saw on Wednesday that they could get away with it. They are empowered and excited. They believe this is their moment. We are all in danger. I ask that you listen to me — me, the person who warned you Trump would win in 2016, who warned you there would be no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq and that the premise for the invasion was a lie. I’m the guy who warned you that Columbine would be only the first of many, many mass school shootings. And on and on. I only recite this litany of my failures to convince the public we are in serious danger in the hopes you will listen to me today. Impeachment is scheduled to happen by Thursday? Too late. Too late. Remove the head of this terrorist action TODAY. He’s at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. His co-conspirators are in the Republican Caucus of the House & Senate. The mob is everywhere. They often wear red hats and have no Covid masks on their face. Some carry weapons, some make bombs, and a few kill cops while chanting “Blue lives matter!” All of them know they are protected by their white skin and believe nothing will happen to them. All of them want to stop our votes from being counted — and stop the new President from taking office. Their only problem: there’s more of us than there are of them. And that only infuriates them more. A show of strong legal force and the removal of their Leader is the only thing that will stop what we are about to experience. For the sake of peace — DEMAND ACTION! Stop this madness.

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