The Norwegian Wind Industry Paradise / Nightmare

Norwegian Coast and Mountains are beeing harshly industrialized by naive and greedy municipalities and landowners, eager consultants, and lobbyists, laisse affairs national politicians and institutions and foreign capital from tax paradises like Cayman Island, etc. Photo: Tellenes Wind Industry. Steinar Figved

TV 2 documents that the money from the second biggest Norwegian wind Industry Park, Tellenes ends up at one of approx. 18.000 corporations with a post box in a building named Ugland House on Cayman Island. Already in 2008 Sen. Barack Obama in a speech called this building “the biggest tax scam on record.” 

Ugland House. Photo: Alan Markoff/REUTERS
A forced expansion of wind power is happening now at a speed few are really aware of. Especially along the coast, outstanding natural values ​​of national importance are in the process of becoming industrial areas. NVE points out that wind turbines in clear weather are visible at 40–50 km and produce a significant visual impact of 15–20 km. In the figure, overlapping circles indicate that several wind power plants will be seen from the same position. With 200 m high masts and twinkling white and red lights at the top, a continuous line of light is already formed along most of the coast of south-western Norway, and from Smøla to the border of Nordland. Norway’s coastline “transports” millions of migratory birds between wintering areas in the south and nesting areas in the north. Wind turbines provide both dangers of collision and blockage of industrial areas. An example is a license granted more than 10 years ago to Havsul 1 and Haram wind farm off the coast of Møre og Romsdal. These wind turbines cover some of the most concentrated bird migration along the Norwegian coast, while at the same time they are important food search areas for birds from Southern Norway’s largest bird mountain, Runde. By Gudmund Sundliseter and Olav Hjeljord

Watch the NRK documentary: The Battle against the wind power turbines

Høg-Jæren Wind Power Plant. 32 windmills, opened 2011, effect 73,6 MW, yearly production 184 GWh (our 13000 households) Owners: Eurus, EWZ, Norsk Vindpro and Norsk Vind AS. Operation: Eurus and Norsk Vind AS

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