The Norwegian Government and the Progress Party will prioritize Christian refugees

Wall painting of Sylvi Listhaug, leader of the Progress Partys immigration committee.

Unfortunately, it has been impossible to reduce the number of quota refugees. But for the first time, Christians persecuted will be given priority, even though we know that the government is basically against this.

The Progress Party leader Siv Jensen, when the budget agreement was presented.

The Progress Party of Norway:

A Progress Party committee will prioritize Christian refugees. 260 million Christians in the world are being persecuted. The Progress Party’s immigration committee wants to prioritize persecuted Christians when Norway accepts quota refugees.

– When we have full control of the borders of our country, the Progress Party can help to receive a limited number of quota refugees, and we want to prioritize persecuted Christians. Persecuted Christians are rarely talked about, but they are very numerous and live difficult lives. We should take the lead and show that we want to take responsibility for helping them, says Sylvi Listhaug, who is the leader of the Progress Party’s immigration committee.

Eight Christians are killed every day

According to the World Watch List 2020, eight Christians are killed as a result of their faith, every single day. Since last year alone, 15 million more Christians have been persecuted. The main reason behind Christian persecution is Islamic extremism. – Millions of Christians live in fear and are persecuted in the Middle East and Asia, among others. In China and North Korea, Christians are persecuted for ideological reasons, while in other countries, Islamist extremism is responsible for the persecution. These are people who are persecuted on the basis of their religion, says Listhaug.

Norway is a country with Christian traditions

The leader of the Progress Party’s immigration committee believes that persecuted Christians are a group that in some cases can be more easily integrated in Norway. Norway is a country with many Christian customs and traditions. – Norway has been a Christian country for generations, and our culture is still strongly influenced by Christian traditions. I believe that quota refugees who have the Christian faith can find it easier to settle in Norway, says Listhaug.


The Norwegian Constitution prohibits discrimination and it goes against international refugee conventions

There is no doubt that Ahmadiyya and Yezidi refugees are vulnerable groups. But prioritizing Christians, in general, can be problematic and can run counter to the international obligations we are bound by,

It is solely the need for protection and the degree of persecution and vulnerability that will decide. For that, we have the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to make that assessment. Prioritizing Christians especially over other religious groups can therefore be discriminatory and thus unsustainable.

Hungary is the only country that gives Christians a similar priority.

Mads T. Andenæs, professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo tells VG

The president of the bishopric and bishop of Nidaros, Olav Fykse Tveit, believes that a prioritization of Christians is in conflict with the Christian view of man.

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