The Apprentice President & associates sold US foreign policy incl. nuclear policy (#ProofOfCollusion) #ReadTheCummingsReport

Rep. Cummings was targeted for a reason. The Oversight Committee report is DEVASTATING: direct evidence that Trump & associates sold US foreign policy to UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Russia to enrich themselves.

The last place graphic designer Charles Leazott expected to see his fake presidential seal was on a screen with President Donald Trump smiling in front of it. The seal, which features “45 is a puppet” and a bald eagle holding golf clubs, appeared behind Trump Tuesday when he took the stage at the Teen Student Action Summit hosted by the conservative group Turning Point USA.

I’d say it’s pretty emblematic of the entire administration.

List of altered details on the seal:

  • “45 is a puppet” in Spanish
  • The hammer and sickles in the flag crest
  • The golf clubs instead of arrows
  • The talon gripping cash
  • The Russian double header eagle

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