Putin is a traitor to Russia and the Russian people

Putin may have fouled all the Russian people for years, deceived NATO and EU, he may have bought Boris Johnson and the tories to achieve BREXIT and some Russian members of the House of Lords, he may have successfully installed Trump in the Oval Office in the White House and gotten GOP on his side and compromised the US close to civil war. In one term Trump gave Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudis, Jamal Khashoggi and possibly nuclear capabilities, Israel Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, India Kashmir before he was impeached for matters concerning Ukraine’s security, and with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, China is now patiently awaiting Taiwan.

But Putin cannot foul all the Russian people, all of the time. Ukrainians are the Russian people’s friends and neighbors and will fiercely fight for their homeland.
You the Russian people must end this.

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