If it talks like a fascist, engages openly with fascists, invites fascists back to Twitter, and amplifies fascist conspiracy theories – it might be a fascist…

If Twitter crashes, where do we go to talk about Twitter crashing?

A cartoon by Bruno Lanza satirizes Elon Musk as Twitter hangs in the balance. (artwork courtesy Bruno Lanza)

Watching movies about the apocalypse, I’m always struck by the same annoying thought: It would be more realistic if their characters were doom-scrolling on Twitter! Going on Twitter has become the definitive and reflexive mechanism for processing the severity of how horrible things in the world really are — so it’s an uncanny time to be on the platform, which is rumored to capsize at any minute now. If Twitter crashes, where do we go to talk about Twitter crashing? The conundrum is almost a little bit like that posed by dying, and some of us are coping with this complex philosophical problem, naturally, by making memes.

 Jasmine Liu, on Hyperallergic November 18. 2022

This is serious. Elon Musk is declaring war on liberal thought as if it were a disease to be eradicated. This is pre-Nazi speak.
And guess what liberals? You’re the Jews in this scenario.

— Duty To Warn 🔉 (@duty2warn) December 12, 2022

Woke is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination”. Wikipedia

“Jordan Peterson radicalizes young boys on the “intellectual web”,
Joe Rogan radicalizes the meatheads,
Elon Musk radicalizes the gamers & financiers.” – @gal_suburban & 📸

— JRance (@RanceWilla) November 21, 2022

Elon Musk slowly finding out the most basic information about the platform he bought by getting fact-checked on it

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) November 13, 2022

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