Hydro 4.0 and Hydro 75R: Climate Strategy converted into products

Hydro announces two new low-carbon aluminium products, designed to help customers reach their sustainability goals and meet the demand from ever more climate-conscious consumers. The new products will be independently certified by DNV GL.

Hydro 4.0
Hydro’s new series of certified low-carbon aluminium products are an integral part of the company’s climate strategy.

The new products are:

  • Hydro 4.0: hydropower-based aluminium with a maximum content of 4.0 kg CO2 per kg aluminium, and;
  • Hydro 75R: aluminium with a guaranteed post-consumer recycled content of minimum 75 percent

Climate strategy converted into products

“We are proud of our industry-leading climate strategy that has resulted in producing aluminium with the lowest energy consumption and the lowest emissions in the world, and our aim to become carbon-neutral from a life-cycle perspective by 2020. As every part of our aluminum production is managed in-house, we can now take the next step by launching certified sustainable aluminum products,” said Svein Richard Brandtzæg, Hydro’s CEO.

Since 2013, Hydro has worked along three axes to lower its footprint and maximize the benefits of its metal – lowering emissions in own production, delivering aluminium products and solutions that enable customers to reach their emissions targets, increasing the company’s share of the recycling market.

“We already work closely with customers to bring about COsavings of our metal in use, such as aluminium solutions for lighter and more fuel-efficient cars. With the new low carbon certificates, we’re offering our customers a new set of tools to help them meet their own ambitious climate strategies and together we can work to build a low carbon future for the broader industry,” said Hilde Merete Aasheim, head of Hydro’s Primary Metal business area.

“All-in” approach to certification

As the only global integrated aluminium company, Hydro is offering customers an “all-in”-certificate for its 4.0 aluminium product. The primary aluminium is certified to ISO 14064, covering all carbon emissions from bauxite mining and alumina refining to the production of aluminium in electrolysis and casting.

With the parallel recycled content product, 75R Hydro is confirming its commitment to return post-consumer scrap to the loop to be used over and over again with a low carbon footprint.

“Our aim is to make sure we maximize the sustainability benefits of a metal that brings carbon savings in the user phase and can be infinitely recycled with only five percent of the original energy needed. Our two new products address the sustainability challenge of our industry – making sure we meet the global demand for aluminium with metal that is produced with the lowest possible carbon footprint – and that we are there to bring it back into the loop,” Aasheim said.

Sustainability as a growth opportunity

Aasheim said that recycled and low-carbon aluminium are two integral elements of a broader strategic understanding within Hydro of the global market. People increasingly want to buy aluminium with a low-carbon footprint or are looking to use more post-consumer recycled aluminium. With the launch of these new products, Hydro is meeting this growing sustainability demand.


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