Genocide Joe and Israel are losing the PR War; that is why America is banning TikTok while Israel is banning Al Jazeera

If we lose the intellectual debate, you will not be able to deploy any army in the West, ever.

#Palantir CEO Alex Karp at #SCSPAIExpo2024

This is why Israel is banning Al Jazeera, they don’t want the world to witness their war crimes…🇵🇸💔 — Pelham (@Resist_05) May 5, 2024

you can ban TikTok.
take us out the algorithm.
but it’s too late.
we’ve seen the truth.
we bear witness.

@macklemore‘s Hinds Hall:

They cannot lie to and manipulate these younger generations like others. Kids are doing what their elder leaders have failed to do.

Caitlin Johnstone:
Notice how he said the word “narrative” three times? That’s how empire managers talk to each other because that’s how they think about everything.

This is because empire managers are always acutely aware of something normal human beings are not: that real power comes from manipulating the stories — narratives — people tell themselves about their reality. 

They understand that humans are storytelling animals whose inner lives are typically dominated by mental narratives about what’s happening. If you can control those narratives, you can control the humans.

They understand that power controls what happens, but true power controls what people think about what happens. 

They understand that whoever controls the narrative controls the world.

That’s what’s going on with all the mass media propaganda, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, plutocrat-funded think tanks, and mainstream culture manufacturing in New York and Hollywood. A few clever manipulators understand that you can control a society by controlling its dominant narratives.

Who knew live-streaming a genocide would provoke moral outrage?

Incredible. They’re just coming right out and saying it, loud and proud: the entire Western war machine depends on the protesters losing.

Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin Johnstone:
During a vitriolic rant about university demonstrators at the Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security on Tuesday, Palantir CEO Alex Karp said that if those on the side of the protesters win the debate on this issue, the West will lose the ability to wage wars.

For those who don’t know, Palantir is a CIA-backed surveillance and data mining tech company with intimate ties to both the US intelligence cartel and to Israel, playing a crucial role in both the US empire’s sprawling surveillance network and Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. Karp is a billionaire who sits on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group and regularly features at the World Economic Forum and other platforms of plutocratic empire management.

Except #Hamas charter doesn’t call for the death of all Jews. That’s bull shit. — Google 1940s terrorism press enter, image & read! (@_NicoleNonya) May 8, 2024

.@nadia_bilbassy: Almost 400 people in mass graves, some reportedly *buried alive*, some children. What’s holding this investigation?

StateSpox: We’ve been clear Israel needs to be transparent, Israel said Palestinians buried them

So, Palestinians buried their dead zip tied?

— Assal Rad (@AssalRad) May 7, 2024

“Israeli forces had also destroyed Gaza’s largest fertility clinic, reported to have been storing 3,000 embryos.”

You might think that the ‘pro-life’ Christian right in America might be outraged by this, but no, Israel did it so it’s fine with them.

— Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan) May 7, 2024

US authorities aggressively stamped out peaceful US campus protesters at 50 locations. Compare what happened in Hong Kong, where campus protesters were causing massive destruction—but Hong Kong police did not even step inside.

— Nury Vittachi (@NuryVittachi) May 7, 2024

“There are no uninvolved civilians there. You have to go in and kill and kill and kill.”

The genocidal intent of Shimon Boker, a Deputy Mayor and vice chair of the international branch of

— Lowkey (@Lowkey0nline) May 6, 2024

🇮🇱🇺🇸 Netanyahu in the 80’s brags about how the Jewish lobby controls America.

“We own the senate, the congress, and we have a record strong Jewish lobby on our side.

We have a strong influence over the general support.

America won’t force us into anything.”

— Censored Men (@CensoredMen) May 8, 2024

This is the most IMPORTANT video of the year.

It was filmed in 1983.

Senior CIA officer Frank Snepp shares how the CIA laundered propaganda through the most respected journalists at Mainstream Media Outlets like the New York Times without any difficulty.

They know that if…— Khalissee (@Kahlissee) May 3, 2024

The Rothschilds had the British Government sign the Balfour Declaration in Nov 1917 to transfer Palestine to the Zionist Federation…

Over 20 years before the holocaust.

The holocaust was the excuse they would use to commit their own atrocities…🇵🇸💔 — Pelham (@Resist_05) May 5, 2024


John Pilger asks a Former CIA Director about overthrowing Foreign Governments. LISTEN to his response.

— Khalissee (@Kahlissee) January 1, 2024

Israel has broken SIXTY-TWO United Nations Resolutions with absolutely no consequences.
Iraq broke two and got invaded and destroyed by the United States for 8 years.

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