‘Excel error’ opened Arctic Oil, politicians faults to halt


It`s human to make mistakes, but it takes politics to proceed when a huge mistake is done without checking for consequences.

According to DNV GL’s inaugural Energy Transition Outlook report, “oil is losing ground as a source of heat and power and is set to flatten from 2020 through to 2028 and fall significantly from that point as the penetration of electric vehicles gains momentum. Coal use has already peaked”.

“The World Needs Norwegian Clean Oil for years to come”

The fossil lobby and politicians in the three largest political parties in Norway does not realise they sound as hollow as Trump´s “clean coal”, while they lean on statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA) which shows that wind and solar still only constitute about 2% of the world energy supply. Not realising that these statistics contain a 12-year-old error in a Statistical Manual by the IEA and OECD.

As wind and solar continue their exponential growth, this will soon need to be changed. After correction, it will become apparent that wind and solar energy already contribute about three times more to the world’s energy supply than normally reported, and that the shift to renewable energy sources comes much sooner than many decision makers are aware of.

To be continually updated . . .


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