Erik Solheim Head of UN Environment sponsoring Volvo Ocean Race and pursuing a jet set lifestyle

Erik Solheim Head of UN Environment eagerly promotes air travel.

Erik Solheim spent 490 000 US dollars, traveling for 529 days around the globe during his first 22 months in office as Head of UN Environment and is now under investigation by UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS).

The UNEP and UN’s Nairobi office should reclaim from these employees (1) all travel expenses and the related working hours which have not been accounted for; and (2) all additional costs incurred by the UNEP as a consequence of uneconomic and inefficient decisions by the management

The UN’s environmental organization does not pay enough attention to the environment, according to the auditors. «The management have not introduced guidelines, routines or incentives for their staff when it comes to controlling their travels and consequently the carbon emissions. Employees have not been encouraged to find alternative ways of traveling», said the OIOS, stating that several other UN organizations have taken measures to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

It is both embarrassing and sad to see the how Erik Solheim uses his position as Head of UN Environment to pursue a jet-set lifestyle, traveling the world first class and sponsoring Volvo Ocean Race EUR 500.000 in a  reversed corporate partnership.
At UN Environment Erik Solheim also gave his son an Internship and a trip to China. Among the employees at UN Environment, there are concerns as Solheim grows the staff and installs his own people in leading positions while repressing others.

Source: Inner City Press  Matthew Russell Lee

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