Donald Trump IMPOTUS has Frontotemporal Dementia

Trump’s posture is the classic frontotemporal dementia stance. His kids are just stupid enough to copy his posture (I guess). Forward leaning, arms down like balancing rods. He’s at risk to jerk & fall backward. He can’t stand like the people next to him hands on hips or in the pockets. He would topple- a good word to describe what he has coming. Tom Joseph @TomJChicago

We all know The Apprentice President occupying the Oval Office in the White House is a liar, racist, sexist, and narcissist, and we all know he is corrupt, evil, can’t make a laugh and is not very bright, to put it politely. Lately, his drugs can no longer hide, if they ever could his dementia and problem with speaking, walking, and standing straight. Mr. Orange with his eyes where nobody seems to be home is something we have gotten used to. Individual 1 as the Mueller report named this individual holding the most powerful office in our universe as the so-called leader of the free world is a very sick man. And now he ain’t even allowed to be the Lying King of Twitter:

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