Cancer: A Food-Borne Illness, a documentary by Grace Price

This is a huge day for @X.

My documentary, Cancer: A Food-Borne Illness, is finally here.

It is only on this platform that I am able to release a film that challenges big food conglomerates and mainstream health claims without fear of censorship.

Here is the story of how I, an…

— Grace Price🧬 (@travelingenes) March 27, 2024

Hi! I’m Grace Price, an 18-year-old who has spent the past two years chasing after a cure for cancer. You may know me on Twitter as Travelingenes or the epigenetics girl. Really, I’m just a biochemistry nerd who decided to dig a little deeper into the question that gnawed at my soul for years…

Is Cancer nothing more than a genetic disease that people randomly develop?

This question is what drove me to travel across the country, searching for any knowledge on the true origin of cancer. The film Cancer: A Food-Born Illness follows me on this journey to discover that the best cure for cancer already exists in prevention through lifestyle factors. While it may sound like a straightforward conclusion, I only came to this after almost 2 years worth of digging for answers in scientific papers. From interviewing the top experts in the field of oncology to Coca-Cola whistle-blowers, I aim to shed light on the people who have dedicated their lives to helping us understand the truth about America’s top killers. Ultimately, my hope is that the film will give people the clearest picture of the strong connection between The Average American Diet and cancer.

It serves the powers that be to keep the source of the toxic seed oil conversation hidden. The below-linked USA Today article doesn’t mention that the term Hateful Eight seed oils comes from a Cornell-trained MD.

The journalist seems to have gotten the list from someone else…

— Cate Shanahan, MD (@drcateshanahan) March 20, 2024

The entire diet and nutrition conversation is about to change.

Did you know that a full 30% of a typical American’s diet is composed of factory oils that couldn’t be better engineered to deprive your body of energy, strength, and resistance to disease?

Until now, health experts…

— Cate Shanahan, MD (@drcateshanahan) March 29, 2024

Cancer is “all a big money game, and it’s dollars first, patient outcome second.”

Dr Thomas Seyfried, Professor of Biology

“The current idea that cancer is a genetic disease is based on ideology—not on the science.”

“Our American society… doesn’t care about prevention…

— The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) March 29, 2024

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