Boris Johnson is an opportunistic liar. He has been sacked for being a liar TWICE already.

Hilariously funny and yet sickening true. Watch what happened when The New York Times gave the mic to comedian Tom Walker aka @JonathanPieNews for a brutal satire of Boris Johnson and a broken political system:

Photo: Photothek/Getty Images

Our country is now held together with goodwill and sticky tape. As successive Conservative governments have ripped up society with austerity, privatization, Brexit, and disaster capitalism, we survive because frontline workers and volunteers go way beyond the call of duty.

George Monbiot 8:02 AM · Feb 7, 2022·Twitter Web App

Why is there a cost of living crisis in one of the richest nations on Earth? Because of extreme inequality. Regardless of a few feeble sops, the Tories are making it worse. Last night, they gave bankers a tax cut worth £1bn a year. While raising NIC for ordinary workers.

George Monbiot 2:36 PM · Feb 3, 2022·Twitter Web App

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