Bergensia meddles with the US 2020 Presidential Election

A woman with a plan, a vision, a mission, and heartfelt compassion for the people at the bottom of the latter and the guts to tell big corporate and the Mark Zuckerberg’s to f*ck of.

YES, we believe we have the right to interfere and do whatever is in our power to make sure the next US President is not a Republican but a Democrat and preferable a woman named Elisabeth Warren.

We firmly believe we do the majority of Americans and other people on this planet a favor by setting the table straight. The Apprentice President, criminal Individual 1 occupying the White House and the Oval Office should never have been constitutioned President in the first place. The 2016 election was illegitimate, with large amounts of election fraud, particularly in the states that could go both ways. We believe Muellers and CIAs findings on Russian interference to be true and having an impact, we believe “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russian oligarchs is proven to have taken place.

“I got a plan for that”, Elizabeth Warren’s surge in the polls spotlights her long-standing championing of corporate accountability and her plans for addressing America’s biggest pains.


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