Editorial Standard

Editor in chief: Jan Terje Espeland

Bergensia.com pushes and inspires people in organizations to innovate and realign their strategy and purpose towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

The articles and material available on this webpage is written by Bergensia.com and created by external sources. Whenever created by external sources, Bergensia.com credits them in accordance with Norwegian Copyright Law. Links to other media or publications are clearly marked.

In exchange for sponsorship, Bergensia.com offers organisations and enterprises involved in sustainable development to submit information on how they relate to sustainable development goals. Such text is labelled/marked on our web page in order to make it clear for the public if a contribution is of commercial origin. It maintains a distinction between Bergensia.com’s market activities and editorial work. Bergensia.com does not in any way endorse external organisations, enterprises or contributors. The focus of Bergensia.com is sustainable development and we do not wish to give undue prominence to commercial products or services.

Bergensia.com has through the best of its ability reviewed the information on the webpage, but does not assume responsibility for information that is inadequate or incorrect. We are always seeking to keep the pages updated, but we cannot guarantee that the information on the site is complementary and up to date at all times. You are welcome to give us input if you find errors or mistakes on our website.

The content and layout of these websites are protected by copyright. For any reference to articles on our website, Bergensia.com shall be referred to as the source. Any linking to our website should be loyal and contain source information.