дорогая Russian Mothers, your son does not have to die like this

Sunflowers in spring. When you invade another country and a lady walks up to you and says ‘Put these sunflower seeds in your pocket so that something beautiful will grow when your corpse is laying in our fields.” it’s time to go home, fast. The body of a Russian soldier lies next to a Russian vehicle, in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Friday.
Photo by Tyler Hicks/New York Times, on the frontlines.


Soldiers say they are out of gas. Driver offers to tow them back to russia. Everyone laughs. Russian soldiers ask for news on how they are doing in war. Driver tell them that Ukraine is winning, russians are surrendering and impliest that they should too.


The ghost of Kyiv.

The bridge hero.

The heroes on Snake Irland against the War Ship.

The 80-year-old enlisting w/ his sandwiches

“When you attack us, You will see our faces, not our backs” ~ Ukraine president

Ukrainians have a country to fight for, the Russians do not even know why they’re fighting Putin’s War

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